Changing … but still the same

Well, it’s happening again.

I’m changing jobs … but without moving my desk.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened … I doubt it will be the last.

The first time was when I worked for a consulting firm in the north west suburbs of Chicago … I started working for Advanced Computer Management (ACM), they were acquired by Decision Consultants (DCI), while I was working for ACM / DCI, I was assigned to the Video Trend (VT) account.  After a while working at VT I was offered a full time position.  So I started working for VT. My time at VT was cut short when they were acquired by Major Video Concepts (MVC), but I never actually worked for MVC.

Roll forward a number of years and the pattern repeated … I was working for Silvon, and Mortice Kern Systems acquired the Implementer product.  Mortice Kern Systems (briefly) transitioned to Vertical Sky (VS) .  After VS when kablooie, we transitioned to MKS.  Now MKS is being purchased by PTC.

Between my time at VT & Silvon I worked for System Software Associates (SSA) … had I stayed there longer, I probably would have gone through the same thing though … because SSA went through various owners until they landed with the current company of Infor.

One thought on “Changing … but still the same

  1. Frank S

    It amazes me to think back to the days that we spent at ACM/DCI and how different the world is now, but at the same time, many of the same patterns are repeating. I have gotten this feeling lately that the consulting space is prime to go through another extended period of growth, but I don’t have the data to back up my gut feeling. Maybe I am off base, but it sure seems like companies are getting back to spending money on improvements rather than the simple block and tackle tactics of the past decade or so.


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