Abuse Addresses

Most ISP’s and network providers have specific email addresses that you can report abuse to.

These addresses can be looked up using a whois tool.

Recently, I’ve noticed a number of those addresses that just don’t work the way they are supposed to.

Here’s a couple of examples…

    (reason: 554 <abuse@xxxxx.net>: Relay access denied)
    (reason: 554 <spam@xxxxx.net>: Relay access denied)

and another …

    (reason: 554 rejected due to spam content)

and another …

    (reason: 550 User unknown)

These aren’t just arbitrary addresses I guessed at … these are addresses that are published by the ARIN as official abuse contact addresses to report abuse.

Of course there have been a few abuse reports that have I’ve gotten a positive response from.  Sometimes they indicate that they’ve taken action.  Most, however, are just canned responses with no followup.

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