Nexus 7

androidYesterday I bought a new tablet … the Google Nexus 7.

Initially I liked it … it had a nice form factor, it’s light, has a nice display, and a powerful CPU.

I played around with it yesterday and today … but  I’ve decided that I’m going to return it.

My intention was to use it as a smaller tablet for traveling (so I don’t have to haul around my laptop AND iPad).

While the graphics, form factor, and speed, were all fine … I still don’t really like the Android user interface.

Maybe I’m just too used to Apple’s iOS … but Android just seems clunky and crude to me.

Plus there were some issues I encountered that were just unacceptable.

  • I tried to setup my Google Apps for Domains account as an Exchange account … but the mail setup app crashed every time when I was halfway through the process.
  • The standard mail application, apparently, isn’t secure enough for my employer … so they require a specialized app called TouchDown to access our exchange server.  The app, however, was horrendously designed.  It look (at least to me) like it was designed by a first year computer science student taking User Interface design 101.

Luckily I had no problems returning it to Best Buy.

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