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Text On Splash Screen

You may have heard a variation of this at some point …

A lazy programmer is not necessarily a good programmer … but a good programmer is a lazy programmer.

I fully subscribe to that statement … good programmers are always looking for ways to make their jobs easier.  Either by automating some repetitive function or making some functionality easier to change in the future.

Recently I had to do some re-branding on one of my eclipse based applications.  One thing that I had to do was update the splash screen that was displayed in the Eclipse RCP to display different text.

We had the basic graphic and all we needed was to have our designer update the text that was displayed on the bottom.  I sent the graphic over and the new text and the designer sent it back to me.

The problem was, I got the text wrong.  I knew I was going to have to go back to the designer and ask her to redo the graphic.  Luckily she’s a very nice person and never had a problem with this.

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Icons for RCP

When building an Eclipse RCP product, you have the ability to generate a native executable.  By default the icon associated with the executable is the Eclipse graphic.

There’s an option in the product definition (‘.product’ file) that lets you use your own icons.

There are two ways to attach the icons …

  • Six different BMP files – 16×16, 32×32, & 48×48 at 32 bit & 8 bit depths.
  • A single ICO file with all six graphics included.

I was struggling with creating the graphic files I needed.  I had no problem getting the 32 bit version of the files created, but couldn’t figure out how to create the 8 bit version.

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