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It was a very Happy Holiday

Well, the Xmas holiday is over … and we survived intact 🙂

It was quite busy over here at the Gibbs house …

  • My parents came over on xmas eve. We had dinner at Brass Restaurant. Then my mom and Ginny went over to her church for the evening service. My mom doesn’t subscribe to the Christmas holiday so much as she likes the music and pageantry. Dad and I stayed home … we talked and watched Master and Commander. I don’t know if he enjoyed it as much as I do though. It is a bit on the loud and bloody side). Mom and dad stayed the evening in our guest room.
  • The next morning the whole clan came over to our house for brunch. We had ham, pancakes, and a lot of nosh food. It was good. We also got a bit goofy with a santa hat.
  • That evening we went over to Chris and Susan’s house for dinner … there was a fair bit of geekery and a lot of good food. Steve did a commendable job on a goose.
  • Today ended up being a lazy day … we originally had plans to have dinner with Joe and Lisa … but they had some varmint problems in their new house … so that had to be rescheduled.

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Six Degrees of Separation

I now have two examples proving the Six Degrees of Separation theory is correct.

WARNING: Bad grammar ahead.

  1. A person who works for my Dad is married to a woman who works for a company that is a MKS customer … and the womans supervisor is an ex-MKS employee, who used to be be a co-worker of mine.
  2. A few weeks ago another co-worker of mine asked if my Dad’s name was Sheldon, and was he the controller for such and such company. I confirmed that it was his name, and he does work for that company. Turns out her husband is a contractor for the company my dad works for.

It is truly a small world.

What is a Speedlite?

The other night, as Ginny and I were driving to dinner … she asked me what I wanted for Chanumas (the odd congomeration of Chanukkah and Christmas that we celebrate).

I told her I would like a Speedlite.

She then asked me what a Speedlite was … I explained it is an external flash unit for Canon cameras.

I explained the various features I wanted (not too many, mainly the tilting flash head).

We then went on to discuss other topics … and I commented that the street lights were wobbling due to the wind.

She didn’t think it was due to the wind … she thought the bulbs in the speed lights were going out because she didn’t see all the street lights wobbling.

It took a moment for us to realize her fauxpau … and then we both burst out laughing.

Ok, yeah, we’re easy to amuse.

Happy Thanksgiving

Well I hope everyone who reads this blog has a happy turkey day. At least those in the states. Those not in the states, well, have a happy day anyway 🙂

We’ll be heading over to my aunt & uncle’s house today for dinner … pretty much a tradition in our family. Lots of good food, talk, etc.

Ginny will be making some of her famous Dilly Bread, which I just love. Hmmm, wouldn’t it be a shame if we forgot the bread at home and didn’t remember until we got to their house? 🙂 Naw, wouldn’t be fair.