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No Priuses Allowed

In an effort to criticize John McCain’s economic policies and his apparent unwillingness to support “buy American” restrictions including Harley-Davidson motorcycles for the Secret Service, a group of American-made hybrid car owners and Harley riders rolled into downtown Grand Rapids, MI on Tuesday to support Barack Obama. The only stipulation for participation? Hybrids had to be American made, meaning no Priuses allowed.

No Priuses Allowed at Hybrids & Harleys for Obama Rally

Darn, wish I had known about this before … would have been cool to roll along with in my Ford Escape Hybrid (built in Kansas City, MO).

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Gas Milage

I was kind of amazed at my gas milage this last weekend … Ginny and I went down state to visit my niece Melissa and we took our bikes (didn’t end up riding, unforunately).

These days I average about 32.5 mpg.   With the bikes on the rack in the back of the Escape, we got 27 mpg.

I’m not sure if the reduction in performance was due to the extra weight, the shift in balance, or just extra drag created by the bikes.

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