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Adding Help to Dialogs

I’m in the process of updating the help text for my RCP and have found that some of the dialogs that I’m invoking don’t have the ability to directly add help context id’s.

After a bit of digging, I found it’s not that difficult to add help to an object that extends Dialog.

For this example, I’m going to add a help id to the InputDialog class.

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Help Icon on Dialog Pages

Another item I struggled with … adding the help icon to various dialogs (wizards, preferences, properties, about box, etc).

In almost all Eclipse dialogs … there is a question mark icon in the lower left hand corner. You click on this and it invokes the context sensitive help.

The problem was, I couldn’t figure out how to activate this.

I thought it would be controlled by some plug-in or product setting, but I couldn’t determine where.

After a fair bit of digging & debugging of base Eclipse, I determined that this feature is turned on globally for the entire application:

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