Tag: Security

Dec 20 2014

Mailbait Threats

Back in October of 2012 I devised a way of blocking abuse of my mailing list server by detecting mailbait abusers (mailbait.info offers a ‘service’ to fill your, or someone else, mailbox with unwanted mailing list subscriptions). In June of 2013 I refined the technique. Basically I detected if someone was visiting the mailing list …

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Jan 02 2012

Spontaneous Security

Over the holiday weekend, I experienced the ultimate computer security mechanism: “Spontaneous Security” I was using my new Dell Latitude E6420 to do some network reconfiguration when the machine started acting weird with regard to the network. Since this machine runs Windows 7, I decided to just reboot it to clear the network configuration. After …

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Aug 22 2011

Android Gripes

OK, I’ve had this phone a few weeks … time for me to list some of the things that I don’t like about it. First a caveat … in general I do like this phone a lot.  Some of the things I’m about to list are possibly due to policies imposed by the mail services …

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Apr 05 2011


By now everyone’s probably heard about the data breach at Epsilon … which resulted in a lot of major eCommerce vendors customers mailing list getting stolen. Personally, I’ve gotten notifications from Chase, Walgreen, Tivo, Best Buy, 1-800-Flowers, and a few others … informing me of the breach and assuring me that no critical information was …

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Jul 12 2008

New Credit Card Number

What a pain … Discover card has issued Ginny and I new cards with new account numbers. A few weeks ago I got an email from Discover indicating that we were getting a new account number … As part of a recent systems upgrade, you will be issued a new Discover Card with a new …

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Nov 05 2007

ADT Finally

Well, ADT finally came and installed the new wireless backup unit. Of course the upgrade wasn’t without it’s hitches … The guy who came wasn’t exactly the picture of professionalism. I assume he was a contractor and not a regular ADT field service engineer. The analog wireless unit was originally mounted in the basement … …

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Oct 15 2007

ADT Once More

Yep, ADT missed another appointment.   At least they called before hand.   That doesn’t mitigate the fact that I took off early from work again. I don’t know why I expect anything better from ADT … they’ve established a clear pattern. I’ve rescheduled once again … I’m seriously thinking of calling ADT tomorrow, speaking …

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May 19 2007

ADT Does it Again

I blew the entire morning waiting for an ADT contractor to come out and replace the wireless backup for our alarm system. Seems that the cellular provider that ADT uses for the wireless backup is dropping support for analog devices. As a result, anyone who has an analog wireless backup for their alarm system needs …

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