Android Gripes

OK, I’ve had this phone a few weeks … time for me to list some of the things that I don’t like about it.

First a caveat … in general I do like this phone a lot.  Some of the things I’m about to list are possibly due to policies imposed by the mail services I’m using.

Here’s my list … in no particular order …

  • I get notification messages indicating there is a application update available … but when I go into the Android marketplace, no updates show up.
  • Similarly, sometimes I’ll see an application has an update … but there’s no option to actually install the update.  All I can do is open or uninstall the application.
  • Applications get uninstalled for no apparent reason … this has only happened a few times, so I can’t nail down a pattern.
  • Applications I put in the home screen get removed from the home screen for no apparent reason.  Oddly enough, this is the same application that has been uninstalled for no reason.
  • Delivery tracking id’s aren’t hyper-linked in email.
  • The daily alarms have no option to set that the alarm doesn’t have a snooze button.
  • The security lock timer is locked to “When display is off” … which means that, if I unlock the phone, and the screen goes off … I have to re-unlock the phone.  On the iPhone I had the ability to set an amount of time during which I didn’t have to re-unlock the phone.  This setting is locked because I’m connected to works Exchange server … and the Exchange policy requires a pass code.  I have no problem with this, but would like some grace period during which I didn’t have to unlock the phone to access it.
  • There’s no way to set a default as to where applications should store their data … apps default to storing data in the phone’s memory … which can lead to an out of memory situation if you’ve installed more than a few apps.  To fix this problem I’ve gone into all my apps and set them to use Media Area storage instead of phone storage.
  • The ATRIX Car Dock’s map screen has a unused control on it.  It LOOKS like the icon would be used to change the map view (i.e., north up, track up, etc) … but it doesn’t appear to do anything.

There may be more posts of this nature (or the opposite nature) in the future.

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