Refreshing Tech Support

It’s happened again … I had some really GOOD tech support.

The phone adapter for our VOIPo service died … no dial tone, no connection, nothing.

Oddly enough, I could log in to the devices web interface … so I contacted VOIPo customer support.  After a few email exchanges, it was determined that they would need to do some interactive diagnostics to determine what was going wrong.

I called them and talked to James … he had me test a few things … and then said something truly amazing … “Could you put the VOIP adapter in to your routers DMZ so I could take a look at it directly?”.

James had clearly picked up on the fact that I was technically adept and would understand what he meant.

After a bit of futzing around with the router (both routers, actually) I had the VOIP adapter in the DMZ and the firewall for the necessary port opened up.

James quickly determined that the adapter was dead and told me they would send a replacement.

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