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Last week I noticed some flags & spray painted markers on the median between the sidewalk and street (and some on our back yard) near the house.

I was very curious as to what they were for … but I constantly forgot to actually call the village about it.

Well, I finally called today … Hoffman Estates Public Works didn’t know anything about it (they were very nice, btw, something I’ve been becoming more and more appreciative of … I try to thank the person who’s been helpful whenever possible). They suggested I call J.U.L.I.E. about it.

I called the 800 number and there was no way to inquire about it … but voice reponse system told me to call another number (in a/c 815).

So I called the number and talked to another nice person who looked up the information (had to go back a few weeks to find it)

It turns out that ComEd is fixing a “Primary Cable Fault”.

Ok, issue resolved. I noticed they actually started digging and saw the ComEd truck out there today.
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This just aint my week…

… for computers!

New drive arrived from Dell today … Airborne was supposed to get an “Adult Signature” before delivering it.

I guess the driver is an adult … as he must have been the one who signed for it. The drive was shoved between the storm and front door.

Oh well, good thing for Airborne I’m an honest person. I could have just as easily pocked the drive and claimed I didn’t receive it.

The drive installed easy enough, and passed diagnostics … but that’s when things got very interesting…
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Parties, Food, & Laptops

Ok, everyone’s gone back home and the breakfast was a success!

As before, we bought way more food than we needed. Funny thing though … some of the same stuff we had left over last time, we have left over this time.

Ginny has these ideas for dishes that we don’t have time for and/or nobody is really interested in. Oh well.

On another note, according to Airborne, my new hard drive should be here tomorrow by noon.

I’m gonna go take a nap now.

Happy Holidays!

Well, it’s christmas morning.

My folks came over tonight … they spent the evening with my brother Mitch and his wife Gloria (Ginny and I were supposed to go too, but there was far too much to do here).

We’re having the family over for xmas breakfast … not that we actually celebrate xmas … well, parts of us do. Ginny and Gloria officially celebarete xmas. Mitch & I don’t. It’s confusing.

We gave my folks a framed print of last years holiday card … because the original 8×10 I orderef for them from Shutterfly was so lousy. I wanted to give them a proper picture.

They really liked it.

Crashing hard drives and routing failures

What a day it was today …

Around 6:30 this morning I THOUGHT I heard the phone ringing … but it wasn’t ringing upstairs, so I figured it was on our 2nd line (which happens to be a Vonage Voice over IP line), so I knew it was probably a wrong number (only Steve knows the VoIP number anyway).

Well, woke up to get my coffee and noticed that we had a message on the answering machine … I listened to it and it was indeed Steve calling to tell me that he my system was totally inaccessable.

I hadn’t done anything to the Covad DSL service I figured something was wrong with the Dell server.

Went downstairs and didn’t see anything wrong with the server … but I did notice my Dell laptop was reporting that it couldn’t find a hard drive.
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Seasons and Return of the King

Went to see Return of the King today … I have just one word to say about that … WOW.

Yes, it was long … I knew that beforehand … but in some ways it wasn’t long enough. I understand they had to cut almost an hour of footage to get it to the 3 1/2 hours they released. I can’t wait for the extended version DVD to come out.

It was a very fitting end to a wonderful story.

Obviously Ginny liked it too. 🙂

Now maybe I’ll actually read the book 🙂

The only annoying thing about the movie was the fact that some people sitting near us talked insesently. It didn’t bother me directly, but they were closer to Ginny … and she had to shush them a few times.

Prior to the movie we went to Seasons of Long Grove for their Dickensian Dinner.

That was fun … the food was good and the singers were wonderful. Although now I have “O Come, All Ye Faithful” running through my head. Oh well, as mind viruses go, I’ve had worse.