Testing a MT plugin

At Ginny’s request, I’ve started looking into some of the features & enhancements that we can use with this blogging software.

One of those features I’ve found is a amazon.com linker. It automagically creates a link to a book on amazon.com (including the right associate id.

For instance: Right now I’m reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Cool, huh?

I’m using two plugin’s to acomplish this … The first is the MTAmazon plugin. I noticed that the blog code required to put a good link in is pretty ugly, so I found MTMacros that lets me embed complex code with a single entry.

It took a while to get the MTAmazon plugin to work, as there are some undocumented requirements. Luckily I found Richard Bloomfield’s MTAmazon blog entry that turned on the light.

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