Don’t leave the car door open

I created a new category … “Things to remember” … ’nuff said?

First entry: Don’t leave the car door open for two days. It drains the battery.

On Saturday I ran some errands … got fixings for Stew (yes, the recipie I lost a few weeks ago), picked up the beer making kit that Ginny got me for Chanumas from Fedex, and stopped off at CompUSA to browse (yeah, right).

I got home, and unloaded the car … but left the car door ajar (it was still a car door, not a “Jar”) out of habit. Y’See, when I get home from work, I pull into the garage, get out of the car, leave the car door open, get the mail (which is in the mailbox by the curb), and then go back to the car, get my briefcase, shut the car door, and go into the house.

This time, however, I unloaded the car, then went to get the mail, but never had to get my briefcase … so I left the car door open.

I didn’t go out at all on Sunday, so the car stayed where it was.

This morning, I go out to the car to leave and notice that the door is open. My gut is saying that this isn’t a good sign. I let Ginny leave, as no mater what the situation is, she needs to get to work (Travel agents don’t have very flexible schedules, I do).

Well, I turn the key in the car and it goes “click-click-click-click-click”. I’ve heard that before, it’s a dead battery.

I called the motor club and they send a truck out to give me a jump.

Luckily I can work from home while I’m waiting … so I send Brian, my boss, a IM telling him the situation, and logon to the computer at work and start plugging away.

The rest is pretty boring … tow truck came, jumped the battery, noted that the battery cables had some corosion that I should have checked out, and I went to work.

The rest of the day was standard.