New Cool Tivo feature

Well, it’s not really a Tivo function as such … it’s just the Tivo Home Media Option (HMO) … but I’m running a server application on the linux box called JavaHMO.

This lets me server pieces of dynamic information to the Tivo music and picture displays.

So, in addition to the standard HMO music and pictures, we have some Shoutcast auido streams, the current weather, movie schedules, games (I haven’t figured out to get the tic-tac-toe game to work yet), even screen shots of the PC desktop (although that doesn’t work, because it’s running on the linux system).

My only gripe is that the HMO costs $99. I should have gotten it when they were offering it for $50. Oh well, live and learn.

Since the server is written in Java, I can theoretically extend it myself. I’ve got a few ideas for enhancements. Maybe I can modify it to dump the last 30 lines of syslog to an image and serve that.