Getting a new digital camera today

I’ve finally decided to get a new digital camera today … I’ve looked at a number of them and decided that the Cannon Digital Rebel is the right camera for me.

Canon EOS 6.3MP Digital Rebel Camera with Lens 18-55MM Lens

It’s got all the features I want … good zoom, high resolution, solid feel, etc. The only draw back is that it’s pretty expensive. Well, relatively speaking. It’s $999 retail. And that’s pretty much what it will cost.

I’m going to sell my current Nikon N80 … I like the features, but the pictures always turn out flat. I think Cannon makes better lenses. I always got good pictures out of my Cannon Photura (a PHD camera).

My friend Steve recently got one and likes it a lot. I was dubious of buying such an expensive digital camera, but once I got to play around with it, I decided it was pretty good.

I was worried that I was buying the camera only because Steve has one … It’s a bit of a pattern … Steve gets a Kyocera 3035 phone, I get one a few months later. Steve gets a Tivo, Ginny and I get a Tivo a few months (ok, years) later.

But after I thought about it … I realized that it’s not that I’m trying ‘one up’ Steve … but we have very similar taste in technology (not TOO similar … I still think Mac’s are silly).

I will be taking a lot more pictures now. Need to put the gallery to work.

I’m hoping I can get $500 or so for the Nikon … it’s a pretty complete setup.