Autumn Colors

I finally got some autumn color pictures.

This weekend was extraordiarily busy … clothes shopping, cousin’s bar-mitzvah, try to get wireless networking installed at my brother’s house, more clothes shopping, bar-mizvah party, fix some plumbing (no flood), a show at the Marriott, and dinner afterwards.

Before the show, Ginny went to volunteer at a Kerry / Edwards campaign phone bank … after I did some plumbing repair (considered a resounding victory … only had to go to Menards twice and didn’t flood the street) I wandered over towards the theater.

I was very early … so I grabbed my camera and tried to find a forest preserve to walk around in. Couldn’t find the forest preserve, but I did find a nice park on Oxford Drive in Lincolnshire. It had a pond, playground, and was near the DesPlaines river.

Got a few nice pictures … obviously plenty of ducks 🙂

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