Escape Hybrid

Ginny and I test drove the new Ford Escape Hybrid SUV today. It runs on both gas and electric power.

It’s quite a nice ride … very roomy, comfortable , nice pickup, smooth ride, good feel.

Kind of disconcerting, however, when the gas engine shuts itself off a few minutes after you turn it on.

I’m going to give this vehicle some serious thought when we go car shopping next year (the RAV is about at the end of it’s useful life, I think).

Only a few things really give me pause…

  • The four wheel drive model does not have a high range and low range. This means it’s not all that useful if you get stuck in snow.
  • The battery is included in the full vehicle warranty … which is 8 years or 80,000 miles. Unforunately, I tend to drive MORE than 10,000 miles / year. The RAV is 8 years old and I have 165,000 miles on it. I’m not sure if there is a extended warranty option
  • It’s new technology … and largely unproven. Not sure if I want to be a ‘beta’ tester for a car. The RAV had been available at least 1 year before I got mine.
  • Rather pricey … for a SUV. $28,000 is the base price (Not 100% sure on that). I could probably get a similarly equiped SUV (minus the hybrid, plus proper four wheel drive) for about $22,000.

Well, it’s certianly something to consider … we’re not going to be looking for a new car until next spring (unless something bad happens to the RAV).

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