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What is a Speedlite?

The other night, as Ginny and I were driving to dinner … she asked me what I wanted for Chanumas (the odd congomeration of Chanukkah and Christmas that we celebrate).

I told her I would like a Speedlite.

She then asked me what a Speedlite was … I explained it is an external flash unit for Canon cameras.

I explained the various features I wanted (not too many, mainly the tilting flash head).

We then went on to discuss other topics … and I commented that the street lights were wobbling due to the wind.

She didn’t think it was due to the wind … she thought the bulbs in the speed lights were going out because she didn’t see all the street lights wobbling.

It took a moment for us to realize her fauxpau … and then we both burst out laughing.

Ok, yeah, we’re easy to amuse.

Out of disk space

Had a minor emergency today … my main linux machine completely hung up (for no apparent reason at the time).

My first indication that a problem was a foot was when Ginny asked me if there were any problems with our internet connection.

I didn’t think so, but I checked … I could get to DSLReports without a problem … I was even able to run a speed test (with respectable results).

Ginny told me she wasn’t able to get to her blog. So I went over to the actual machines and checked out TheShire to see if something was wrong. Something was. I wasn’t able to logon as root.
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Happy Thanksgiving

Well I hope everyone who reads this blog has a happy turkey day. At least those in the states. Those not in the states, well, have a happy day anyway 🙂

We’ll be heading over to my aunt & uncle’s house today for dinner … pretty much a tradition in our family. Lots of good food, talk, etc.

Ginny will be making some of her famous Dilly Bread, which I just love. Hmmm, wouldn’t it be a shame if we forgot the bread at home and didn’t remember until we got to their house? 🙂 Naw, wouldn’t be fair.


It ain’t just winter … it’s a Blizzard!

Here’s a picture of our front yard around 5:30pm today.

Of course traffic coming home was horrendous … luckily, since it’s the Thanks giving holiday, not as many people were on the roads … at least the roads I was traveling on. None the less, it took me at least an hour to get home. Thankfully, Brian (my boss), let us go home a bit early.

Got home without any big problems … and immediately started up the snow thrower to clear the driveway off. No problems there either.

I’m a bit worried now … no problems with either the drive or the snow thrower … I think I’m due.

Update 11/25 … went out and got some pictures today before the snow all melts … check ’em out at my gallery.
Update 12/01 … This picture is the one we chose for our holiday card.

It’s Winter!

Well, the calendar does’t say so … but the snow that’s falling from the sky does.

It’s winter in Chicagoland.

I just hope we get enough snow this year that Ginny can go cross country skiing. We we only got out once last year.

LOL – Ballmer Got It Wrong

Oh I love it … just a followup to my previous post about Microsoft’s FUD … turns out, Ballmer must have misunderstood the facts somewhat massively…

Open source faces no more, if not less, legal risk than proprietary software. The market needs to understand that the study Microsoft is citing actually proves the opposite of what they claim it does.

eWeek – Author of Linux Patent Study Says Ballmer Got It Wrong

<raising glass> Here’s egg on your face, Stevie.

Microsoft – More FUD

At Microsoft’s Asian Government Leaders Forum, Steve Ballmer said …

Someday, for all countries that are entering the WTO (World Trade Organization), somebody will come and look for money owing to the rights for that intellectual property … Linux violated more than 228 patents

Reuters | Microsoft’s Ballmer Warns Asia of Linux Lawsuits

… with regard to government organizations that are switching from Windows to Linux. Of course he did not provide any detail on the alleged violations.

Uh huh … it’s a fine thing to slap down the threat of law suit … tends to scare top level people (which I’m sure is what SB was aiming for) … but put your money where your mouth is, Stevie baby. IDENTIFY the IP violations!

Wouldn’t it be a fine thing if people were required to provide documentation, for alegations made, within a reasonable time period … say 72 hours?

TiVo: TV Their Way

TiVo viewers will see “billboards,” or small logos, popping up over TV commercials as they fast-forward through them, offering contest entries, giveaways or links to other ads.

TiVo Will No Longer Skip Past Advertisers

Well this just sucks. One of the primary reasons for having a TiVo is to be able to skip past commercials.

I think I’m going to get the BeyondTV setup I have on the test machine working with a real TV.