Size 8

t_65890_1.jpgAll I want is to get a new pair of walking shoes.

I went to Dicks Sporting Goods yesterday to see what they had … not a great selection, but I found something that I thought would work. Unfortunately, when it comes to outdoors shoes they only carry size 8 and up. I wear size 7½.

Ok, I figured that REI would have more sizes … but they too only carry size 8 and higher. The guy at REI said that some of the shoes run a bit small, so I tried a pair that was size 8, but I could feel the fit wasn’t right.

Although I don’t like to buy shoes online, but I may have to buy some shoes from Sierra Trading Post (which was recommended to me by my co-worker Jerome).

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2 thoughts on “Size 8

  1. Mitch


    One word – They have the largest selection of shoes I’ve ever seen, generally have free or cheap shipping, and you have 365 days to return the shoes if they’re not right. I have wide feet which limits shoe selection a lot. They had 100s of shoes to choose from in my size – I bought a couple pairs. One didn’t work with my orthotics. I printed off the return label, slapped it back on the box and shipped it back for free. My credit card was credited within a week.

    I don’t know that I’ll ever buy shoes from a brick and mortar store again.


  2. david

    I dunno … I like being able to try shoes on before I buy them.

    Given that my size suddenly is so rare, I might have to start getting them online.


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