Monthly Archives: April 2007

Almost Heart Attack

Ok, my friend Aaron almost gave me a heart attack today.

We’re both going to the COMMON conference in a few days … and need to connect up.   So we traded cell phone numbers.

Just to make sure I had the right number … I sent him a text message “Did you get this message”.

This morning I saw a message on my phone from Aaron that said “Who are you and why are you texting my daughters phone”.

Obviously I thought I had the number wrong … but even worse, I thought maybe I had pissed off some girls father … making him think I was a freek.

Well, turns out that Aaron was just having a joke at my expense … but it was a bit alarming.

I’m going to chalk it up to cultural conditioning.

Upgrade Complete

Well, I finally got my Linux systems upgraded … both Rivendell & Gondor got upgraded to Fedora Core 6 this weekend.

There were a few minor glitches … but nothing that couldn’t be handled.

One thing that was kind of annoying is the fact that the Apache config (httpd.conf) was replaced on both servers (the original was backed up to a ‘rpmsave’ file). This, in itself, wasn’t that big a deal … but I wasn’t expecting it.

I have an idea for a good open source project … that could be incorporated into new distribution releases … an “Upgrade Impact Analysis” tool. It would evaluate your existing configuration, compare to what is known about a new distribution, and tell you what config files could be used without modification and which files would have to be reworked.

Another problem I had, which had me worried, was the fact that I couldn’t get ClamAV to rebuild. After a bit of research, I found that my linker configuration file ‘’ had a ‘/usr/i486-linux-libc5/lib’ listed. This has to be left over from one of my older Redhat installs. The files in that directory are timestamped April 15th 1999. To be honest, I’m shocked I was able to build anything with that old code in the linkers configuration. Luckily, simply commenting that line out fixed the problem.

So far everything seems to be working OK, so I’m cautiously optimistic.