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next_iron_chef.jpgI’ve never been a big fan of reality TV … but I have to say, I’m really enjoying the show “The Next Iron Chef” on Food TV.   I’ve always enjoyed The Iron Chef (although I do admit to liking the American version better than the original, Japanese, version … maybe because it’s easier to follow).

It really seems to show the pressure that the chef’s are under and the extraordinary challenges they are presented with.

I also see a genuine camaraderie amoung the chefs … they clearly know each other, know each others cooking, and respect each other.   They are friendly rivals instead of being out and out combatants.

I like the fact that Alton Brown, acting as commentator & moderator, is able to participate in the evaluation … if not acting as a full judge.

The other judges I could take or leave … they are unimpressive at the very best.   Boring in some respects.   This last episode, in the Lufthansa’s catering facilities, they included the head chef from Lufthansa … who added a unique perspective.   I really liked his inclusion in the judging.   IMO, he was probably the only person qualified to really judge this competition.

(warning, spoiler ahead)

In the end, I was pleased that Chef Simon won … he’s been my favorite from the beginning … even though he had a slightly shaky start.   He’s also one of the most consistent and interesting, I think.   Chef Besh seems like a bit of a ringer … but we’ll see.

I was disappointed that Chef Sanchez was eliminated … I think his perspective on food was interesting.   Although I don’t go for really spicy food, I do like food that has flavors that pop.   I think I’m going to see if he has any published recipe’s available.

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