Off we go on another adventure.

Well, ‘adventure’ is a strong word … as we’re going back to Maui … an island we’ve been to a number of times.

None the less … a much needed, and well deserved, vacation.

Unfortunately, the trip didn’t start out that well … a series of very bad airline events gave a somewhat bad flavor to the first day.

We started out, bright and early, for the airport … our pre-arranged ride to O’Hare with Mike (who recently started his own taxi company, O’Hare Taxi Company) got us to the airport with plenty of time to spare.

The flight from Chicago to Dallas was uneventful.

In Dallas, however, things went a bit pear shaped.

We arrived in Terminal A of DFW and had to make our way to Terminal D … we jumped on the people mover system and got to the gate with little problem.

Since we had plenty of time till our next flight … we had nice lunch at the Bennigans in near the gate.

We were waiting to board the plane … when we got an announcement about the boarding being delayed due to maintenance issues.

A little while later we were told that the airplane we were going to take from Dallas to Maui had been ‘de-certificated’ for over water flight…. and they were looking for another plane for us to take.

Then they made another announcement telling us that they had found us a new plane … and that we had to go over to terminal A.

So about 150 people got up and headed over to terminal A … back on the people mover, and over to the appropriate gate.

About 95% of the way there, however, we met people who were ahead of us heading the other way … they were telling us that the gate had been changed BACK to terminal D.

Ever wonder what a tennis ball feels like?   Kind of like this.

So back to terminal D we go.

When we arrive back at the gate in terminal D, we are told that we are going to be leaving on the original plane … but only as far as Los Angeles … when we get to LAX, we’re going to switch to another plane (same kind) for the remainder of the flight to Maui.

Everyone boards the plane and, after resolving a bit of a seating issue, we are on our way.

We arrived in LAX in the usual amount of time.   They told us that we would be sitting in the same seats on the new plane … and that they were hoping to be on the ground no more than an hour.

All this delay and rejiggering of the flights put us about 3 hours behind schedule.   Ginny called Avis to make sure we would still have a car waiting for us… and we double checked the condo to make sure everything was fine with a late arrival.

The flight from LAX to Maui was uneventful … and there were no passenger problems with the delay.

Of course both Ginny and I were twittering events as they happened … Ginny even came up with an appropriate hashtag: mauipocalypse.

Once on Maui we immediately went to get the car … which turns out to be a brand new Mercury Milan, which is very nice.   Picked up our luggage and headed to the condo.

The condo is nice, but no great shakes.   The kitchen is adequate, but kind of small.

It’ll do.

G’night all.   Aloha.

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