Virtualization Advice

I need some virtualization advice.

I’m currently running this blog, among others, on XEN 3.1.2 based virtualization on CentOS 5.5.

At the present time, I have three physical machines running … rivendell, gondor, and middle-earth.

Middle-earth”is the XEN host.

Rivendell and gondor are stand alone servers running Fedodra 10.

Currently gondor is primarily a web server and backup mail delivery server.

Rivendell is the main system and acts as a NIS server, MySQL server, samba file server, chat server, mail server, etc.

My goal is to migrate all the functions from rivendell & gondor to XEN instances on middle-earth.

My questions relate to where to run services, file systems, and processor allocation.

Specifically …


Where should major services be run (such as authentication, database, etc)?

I’ve currently got multiple thoughts on this …

  1. Run the services on the XEN host so that everything is central and automatically available before any of the client instances start up.
  2. Run the services on a dedicated client instance … but this requires that I ensure that the client instance is active before any of the other instances start.
  3. Possibly run some services on the XEN host and others on a dedicated instance?

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