Six Degrees

OK, this is a bit of a stretch … but the connection between IBM i and IBM Watson just got a tiny (very tiny) bit smaller.

Many people (especially those in the IBM i community) know that Watson runs on the Power 7 CPU (Power 750 to be exact) … the same chip that IBM i runs on.

Well, it turns out that the blog that IBM is discussing Watson on, ‘A Smarter Planet’, is running the “WP Tags to Technorati” plug-in for WordPress that I wrote.

OK, so it’s a BIG stretch … let me live my illusions 🙂

3 thoughts on “Six Degrees

  1. Pete Helgren

    Pretty cool indeed but what’s a Technorati tag? There was a link to their page but what does the plugin do for your WP install?

    1. david Post author

      Technorati is a a service that helps people find related content on blog posts based on tags.

      My plug-in takes wordpress tags and creates links to the Technorati section for that tag.

      If you look towards the bottom of the post, you’ll see the “Technorati tags” section … that’s what my plug-in adds.


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