My NEW Favorite Quote

The Illini Secular Student Alliance responds to the notorious Brother Jed …

We will oppose your hate and venom with love and laughter, and we will win

Brother Jed is a frequent visitor to many college campuses where he preaches fire & brimstone to students on the public areas.

I actually saw Jed when I was attending (albeit briefly) Illinois State University back in the mid 80’s.

His strategy was pretty simple … if you weren’t as devout as he was (and nobody is, of course), you were going to hell.  He simply yelled and screamed the same mantra ad nauseam.

In my opinion, Brother Jed has a serious psychiatric problem that needs treatment.  But I pretty much think the same about most religious extremists.

You can find more information about Brother Jed on Wikipedia.

One thought on “My NEW Favorite Quote

  1. DrFranken

    These religious extremists of which you speak certainly have missed the message of the Bible at least. Jesus was all about Love. Love your Neighbor, Love your Enemy, Love your God. Love those who have done good toward you and those who have not. Pretty much the only time Jesus yelled was when he found money changers and people selling things in the temple. Actually even then it doesn’t say he yelled, just that he threw them out. Not much in there about yelling loudly as a method of changing someones mind or opinion – at least not in a positive way 🙂 Hmmm, that’s pretty much true about religion, politics, computers, foul calls, and bad drivers.

    So yes, I like your new favorite quote. I may borrow it as well.


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