Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me – Golden anniversary Edition

This post could also be titled: Why Carl Kasell is the greatest guy in the world!

If it hadn’t been for my mom’s passing last week, this Sunday would be my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

My brother Mitch, the really creative one in the family, pulled out all the stops.  He got a letter from Senator Dick Durbin, a card from Barack & Michell Obama, and to top it all off … he arranged to have Carl Kasell to record a special greeting for the event.

The original plan was to do a “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” (WWDTM) format game during the anniversary party (which had been scaled back from a big even to a much smaller affair, for obvious reasons) … and Mitch thought that the only thing missing was Carl Kasell’s intro.  So he sent an email to the producers of WWDTM, explained the situation and asked if it would be possible to get Carl to record a message, and they agreed.


Not quite from NPR or WBEZ in Chicago, this is Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, Golden Anniversary Edition.  I’m Carl Kasell from BonFire Restaurant in Homer Glen, wishing a wonderful celebration for Leah and Shelly Gibbs.

My mom loved to listen to WWDTM … as do Ginny and I (although she didn’t like Car Talk, Ginny and I do) … I think she would have really liked the party surprise.

When Mitch first sent me the audio file, I listened to it an laughed out loud … told Ginny she had to listen to it because it was TREMENDOUS!  Then I listened to it again … and started to cry.

To Carl, the producers of WWDTM, and WBEZ, I’d like to send a huge THANK YOU.  You are the greatest people in the world.

BTW: WBEZ folks, you can expect a special pledge on the summer fundraising drive.

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