Drivers: DON’T STOP!

This is the first entry in a new category called “Pet Peeves”.

Since I started riding seriously there are some behaviors I’ve encountered that really annoy me.

First on the list … drivers that stop in the middle of an intersection to let a bike rider cross the street.

This has happened a number of times this summer … a driver stops in the middle of the intersection and waves me across.

I am stopped … usually with my foot off the pedal … waiting for a driver to cross the intersection in front of me … and that driver stopped in the middle of the intersection and waves me through.

I’m completely stopped … not planning on going again until the traffic clears.  The driver thinks they are being polite by letting me cross … but they are actually being incredibly rude by blocking the intersection.

Drivers … if you’re on your way through an intersection, and there is a rider waiting to cross, DO NOT STOP and wave them through.  You’re doing nothing more than causing a traffic hazard for everyone else.

If there is a bike rider already going through the intersection across your path … THEN you should stop and let them finish crossing.

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