Trail walkers: PAY ATTENTION!

This is another one of my Pet Peeves … people who walk (or run) on multi-use trails who don’t pay attention.

This is common sense … when you’re walking or running on a multi-use trail, you have to pay attention to what’s going on around you.

There are bikers (such as me), other runners, sometimes horses, etc, all around you … and, if you’re not paying attention, you can get hurt.

On more than one occasion I’ve almost collided with someone else on the trail I’m riding on because they weren’t paying attention (even though I make myself known) and react in surprise when I ride by.

I try to be a polite rider … I warn other riders of obstructions or trail damage when I encounter someone going the other direction and I always yell out “ON YOUR LEFT” when I’m going to pass someone going the same direction that I’m going.

Most of the time, when someone hears me, they move a little bit over to the right and I pass on the left without a problem.  Sometimes people even thank me as I pass (I always thank people when they let me know they are passing me).

On occasion however, when someone is not paying attention, I yell out and they don’t hear me … and they get startled as I pass.

More than once, the person is so startled, that they actually jump to the left and almost cause a collision.  While I’m usually not riding fast … a walker and biker colliding will probably cause injury.  Hasn’t happened to me yet though.

99% of the time the reason for not paying attention is a music player or cell phone conversation.

Of course there are the people who DO hear me and react in a completely backwards way … by moving over to the left.

Hmmm … how’s this for an invention idea: A bike horn or bell that has electronics designed to send a signal to cell phone or music player to notify the person that they need to pay attention?

So, if you’re walking or running on a trail that’s frequented by other people, PLEASE pay attention to what’s going on around you.  Everyone will be safer if you do.

One thought on “Trail walkers: PAY ATTENTION!

  1. Roger

    Already invented.

    It’s called a “Tazer.”

    Or if you are out in the sticks (like me) just replace the front fender with a cattle prod.

    OK. 🙁 How about a localized EMP generator?


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