Flight Status, Siri?

OK, I admit it … I kind of like Siri on my iPhone.

Some of the features are darn right useful … being able to tell the phone to remind me about something based on location, get the current weather, send a text message by voice, etc.

Recently I found a case that Siri seems to know how toparse … but can’t answer.  Which I find very odd.

Airline flight statuses.

In this case, Siri knows it’s a flight status request … and seems to know it’s for American Airlines (because of the capitalization) … but can’t tell me the actual status of the flight.

It seems to me that parsing out the flight number and doing the appropriate look-up should be dead simple.

Siri already has integrations into Wolfram Alpha … and Wolfram Alpha can retrieve flight status … so why not make the next logical step.

Oddly enough, you can ask Siri to find out about what airline flights are overhead.

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