Mothers Day

Mothers Day

I kind of forgot that Mothers day was just around the corner … but during a recent visit to the grocery store I saw the greeting card section and all the cards out on display.

I knew this was coming … and I’m not the first to experience it … but this is going to a particularly hard mothers day.

I imagine no mothers day in the future will be particularly easy.

Pretty soon we will be having a memorial to dedicate mom’s headstone.  Not especially looking forward to that either.

Truth be told … I’ve only visited the grave site once since the funeral.  I don’t need to.  My memories of my mom are sharp and clear.

She was my mom … she also my friend.

I will always miss her dearly.

2 thoughts on “Mothers Day

  1. Gigi Verrey

    David. I am thinking of you, Mitch and your family. It is never easy but even more memories appear as each year goes by.


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