Tour de Cure 2013: GOAL!

Champions-to-Stop-Diabetes-Logo-GOLD-jpgWell, I’ve achieved my goal for the 2013 Tour de Cure!

Last year I raised $3500 for diabetes research & education … this year I initially set my goal a little higher than that … $4000.  I quickly found out I have a group of very generous and supportive friends, family, & co-workers.  My goal was (rather quickly) raised to $5000.

Last Thursday, I achieved that goal.

Am I going to stop trying to raise money?  Of course not.  More is always better.

Being involved in the Tour de Cure is a wonderful outlet for me … it’s a very worthwhile cause, gets me on my bike on a regular basis, and has introduced me to a lot of really great people.

I’m also enjoying getting Team RED transformed into something a little more cohesive.  While we haven’t been able to get as many training rides organized (mainly due to weather), I’m pleased with what we’ve done so far.  I’m hoping to keep Team RED organized as a group through the year so we can continue pulling together as a real team next year.

I have to admit … I was very surprised when it came to donations from people.  Last year, when I first signed up for the Tour de Cure, I set a very low goal … only $150.  I was floored when people started donating to my ride.  I had to keep raising my goal.  I ultimately raised more than $3500.

This year was no different … a lot of the donations came from my online friends, especially from the IBM i community.  A number of donations came from out in left field … one came from a gentleman from Belgium, who I met at the COMMON conference.  Another came from a fellow beta tester on a product I’ve been helping test.

I’d like to give a special thanks to a few folks who went above and beyond when it came to donations…

  • Sal Stangarone (MRC)
  • Larry Bolhuis (Franken i)
  • Joe Pluta (Pluta Brothers Design)
  • PTC (matching donation)
  • Charles & Randi Gurian
  • Shrirang ‘Ranga’ Deshpande
  • Pete Massiello (iTech Solutions)
  • Bruce Collins
  • Kenneth Sims
  • Aaron Bartell
  • Vernon Hamberg
  • Les Bowles
  • Harry Pulley
  • Kathleen Walsh
  • Jerome Hughes
  • David & Joyce Brown
  • Steven & Marla Brown
  • William & Norma Brown (Uncle Bill & Aunt Norma)
  • Sheldon Gibbs (Dad)

Everyone listed above donated at least $100 … a few donated considerably more.  In a few months I’ll be sending out thank you notes to everyone who contributed … and those who donated more than $100 will have a little bit extra included, as a small token of my thanks (some have already received it).

On a side note … one of the other things my involvement with Tour de Cure has give me is a chance to stretch some of my technical skills.  I created a domain ‘‘ and used some technologies that are either new to me or areas I haven’t explored much.  Things like: JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, CSS, PHP, and ‘Responsive Web Design‘.

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