Not Dead Yet

not-dead-yetDuring the 2013 Tour de Cure ride, my friend Marty was active on various social media sites … he frequently used the phrase “Not dead yet”.

As it happened, I recently finished a book that was recommended to me by a fellow type 2 diabetic.  It was “Not Dead Yet: My Race Against Disease: From Diagnosis to Dominance” by Phil Southerland.

When Phil was a child, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  His mother was told that he would either be dead or blind by the time he was 25. Despite this prediction, he went on to be a world class professional cycle racer and founded a professional cycle racing team: Team Type 1 (now Team Novo Nordisk).

I found the book to be very good and quite enlightening … on multiple levels.

First, and foremost, it gave me a peak into the life of someone with type 1 diabetes.

The struggles of managing blood glucose levels on a daily basis are daunting … even more so for a professional athlete.

Secondly, it gave me insight into the world of professional cycle racing.  Even though I’ve gotten more seriously into cycling … I never really paid attention to pro racing.  This book actually inspired me to record the Tour de France on the TiVo.

I would recommend this book for anyone who …

  • has diabetes (type 1 or type 2).
  • is interested in cycling.
  • would like to read a very inspirational story about overcoming adversary.

Or any combination of the above.

You an purchase the book at here.

1 thought on “Not Dead Yet

  1. Buck

    My reading list never gets smaller, no matter how much I try to keep up! I’ll try to add this book in after I finish ‘Islands and Insulin’. Which is still a few books down the stack…

    I can’t imagine trying to manage Type 1 as a hyper-athlete. One day your ratio is 1 unit for 20g of carbs and the next it’s 1 to 100g. How do you manage that transition? At least they have a CGM which will give them real time trends. It’s a shame their web site isn’t more informative. I’d love to see some numbers.


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