Haters gonna Hate

I really don’t understand some people … why is someone else’s success a reason to send hate mail?

Recently, the Diabetes Daily blog published a piece about Deven Pearson … a Type 2 diabetic that lost 160 lbs and got his diabetes well under control.

Soon after the article was posted, Deven started getting hate mail.

Is it really a case of “If I can’t do what you can do, you shouldn’t be be allowed to enjoy it”?

There are just way to many petty & childish people these days.

Personally, I salute Deven and congratulate him on wonderful results from what had to be very hard work and dedication.

FWIW: I got profiled in the Diabetes Stops Here blog, published by the ADA, today … I wonder if I’m going to get any hate mail?

UPDATE: Deven posted his own blog post on the topic.  Check it out at http://resolveandovercome.blogspot.com/2014/03/haters-gonna-hate.html.


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