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I Hate CostCo

Ok, maybe ‘Hate’ is too strong a word.

Dislike, maybe … prefer to avoid, yeah, that’s pretty close.

Mind you … I don’t hate the generally poor layout of the store, nor do I hate the fact that non-name-brand merchandise is generally garbage … I don’t even dislike the throngs of people who, while pushing a huge cart down the isle, stop (in the middle of the isle) to chat with someone.

What I don’t like about CostCo is the checkout lanes … and the fact that, on any given weekend, there is just not enough of them open.

Today I went into the Schaumburg CostCo to purchase three things. Toilet paper, A copy of Photoshop Elements 4, and maybe a portable dock-able speaker unit for Ginny’s iPod. I found what I was looking for within 10 minutes.

As I was wandering down to the checkout lanes … I realized that I would be there another 30 minutes just standing in line. I also noticed that they had at least FIVE unmanned checkout lanes (that didn’t include the two that were practically buried under junk).

Maybe I’ll stop by tomorrow on my way from work.

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