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Here’s a tip for internet domain owners:

Make sure the contact information for your domain has more than one email address.  And make sure at least one of those email addresses is not in the domain itself.

If your email starts malfunctioning, you want people to be able to tell you about the problem … and if the only email addresses you list are in the actual domain, they won’t be able to contact you.

For example … if the mail server for example.com is having problem … and all the domain registration in the whois database shows ‘joe@example.com’, Joe won’t be able to be notified there is a problem.

The contact information is publicly accessible via the ‘whois’ databases.

Domain registrars that offer whois privacy capabilities should let you list more than one email address when they redirect the email address that they list in the whois look-ups.

For privacy sake, I like using a PO Box for the mailing address on all my domains.

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GoDaddy is getting desperate

OK, it’s kind of obvious that GoDaddy is getting desperate … after the whole SOPA flap, and their rather abrupt back tracking, I decided that enough was enough … it’s time to move domain registrars.

The first step in moving registrar’s is to remove the transfer lock on the domains … this lock prevents the domain from being transfered to another registrar without your permissions.

When I tried to do this at Go Daddy, I noticed a new bit of text on the dialog …

“Go Daddy opposes SOPA”.

Um … yeah … right.

Sorry guys, but you can’t change your positions that fast.

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