GoDaddy is getting desperate

OK, it’s kind of obvious that GoDaddy is getting desperate … after the whole SOPA flap, and their rather abrupt back tracking, I decided that enough was enough … it’s time to move domain registrars.

The first step in moving registrar’s is to remove the transfer lock on the domains … this lock prevents the domain from being transfered to another registrar without your permissions.

When I tried to do this at Go Daddy, I noticed a new bit of text on the dialog …

“Go Daddy opposes SOPA”.

Um … yeah … right.

Sorry guys, but you can’t change your positions that fast.

If you aren’t familiar with SOPA … it’s an acronym for the “Stop Online Piracy Act” bill that’s being proposed in congress.

The problem with the bill is, it’s got incredibly broad language that could get a domain completely turned off for just being accused of piracy.

Hollywood is naturally wholeheartedly in favor of it (heck, they probably wrote most of it) … most of the major internet players (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc) are against it.  GoDaddy, however, is one of the few internet players that supported it.

After the news about GoDaddy’s support for SOPA came to light … an online movement was started to boycott GoDaddy and move domains away from it.

A few days later … GoDaddy reversed their stance on SOPA.  I, for one, don’t think it’s genuine.  I suspect most other people who follow the topic agree.

For me, the decision wasn’t quite so easy … it’s a major pain to move domain registrars … especially if you’re using more than just domain registration.  In my case, I was also using GoDaddy’s DNS service.

When you are using other registrar services (like DNS) you need to make plans to deal with the loss of those services.

Luckily, since I have many IP addresses, and the ability to host services … I decided to move my DNS in house.  I just needed to arrange backup DNS services.

So I started to move my first batch of domains away from GoDaddy to the new registrar … (on the advice of my friend Jon).

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