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A lot of my peers are getting active on ‘Professional’ social networking sites … like LinkedIn.

The question I have is: If you worked at a company that went through a number of acquisitions (like I do) … do you list the employment at each company individually from the date of the aquisition … or do you use the date that you started with the first company, but still list the new company?

Currently I’m using the start date that I was hired by the first company.

So, even though I’ve been employed at PTC since May, I am indicating that my employment started in June of 1997.

As such, I have a number of companies that have significant overlap in my employment history.  Silvon goes from 1997-1998, MKS goes from 1997-2011, and PTC starts in 1997.

I’ve noticed a number of my co-workers have added PTC … but listed their start date as May of 2011.

To my mind, this could indicate a bit of job hopping … which it clearly isn’t.

Another strategy I’ve considered is to not even list the previous companies … just list the current company and indicate the transitions in the job description.

2 thoughts on “Employment History

  1. Buck

    Flaws in standard forms :-/

    On my paper CV I listed the current company with the original hire date, then noted the dates of the acquisitions in the description.

  2. Brian Dolinar

    I list the calendar start and end dates for the entire employment duration under and then mention previous company names. Because I thought it looked like job hopping too.

    1997-2003 ABC, Corp. (formerly XYZ, Inc. and LMNOP, LLC)


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