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Vote for the RIGHT reason

Over the past few months I’ve heard lots of stories on the radio about the election and how people are going to vote.   I’ve got to tell you … there are some people that are just so incredibly stupid about how they make their voting decisions it just makes my blood boil.

Please, people, vote for the RIGHT reason … for instance:

  • Don’t vote for McCain BECAUSE he’s a veteran … vote for his position on veterans affairs.
  • Don’t vote for Obama BECAUSE he’s a African American … vote for his position on minority rights.

The worst example was from a story on NPR’s All Things Considered … during the primary they interviewed some women about Hillary Clinton running for the Democratic ticket … and one woman said that she thought it was admirable that Clinton was running … but it just wasn’t appropriate for her to be president because woman should be subservient to men.   To be fair, they were interviewing people at a conservative church gathering) … but still …   GAAHHHH!!!   What a stupid person.   People like that should have their voters registration cards revoked.

Of course, this raises one of my other pet questions … what’s worse … not voting or making an uninformed vote?