February 2005 archive

I'm alergic to Los Angeles

Well, the sore throat I had turned into a full blown sinus infection. Seems like every time I fly through Los Angeles I get a sinus infection. It’s happened the last 3 times we had a layover in LAX. I’m thinking it’s the pollution … could be the quantity of pollution or just the type. …

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Hawaii Vacation — We're Home

We arrived home today … had the redye from LAX to ORD. I hate red-eye flights. Even though I took a melatonin, I was unable to really sleep. Got a few naps, but nothing substantial. Flight was uneventful and our luggage arrived in record time. The ground crew was probably making up for taking so …

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Hawaii Vacation — Day 15

< sigh > time to leave 🙁 Although I’ve enjoyed this vacation, I’m glad to be going home. Two weeks of sleeping in a bed that isn’t yours is kind of hard. Although the hotel was generally nice, the toilet dripped incessantly and it drove Ginny kind of crazy. We called the hotel staff 5 …

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Hawaii Vacation — Day 14

We decided that today was going to be a relaxing day. We have reservations for the Marriott’s Luau that night, and Steve ended up helping a customer very early in the morning, so Ginny and I were on our own. We walked up and down the Wailea boardwalk, which is quite nice people and whale …

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Hawaii Vacation — Day 13

Today we go back to ‘civilization’. We had brought the fixings for macadamia nut pancakes for breakfast but I wanted to explore the grounds of the condo we were staying at a bit, and Steve wanted to explore in another direction. This got is going on breakfast a bit late. We asked one of the …

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WordPress 1.5

Woo Hoo! WordPress 1.5 has been released. Of course, I’ve been running CVS versions for months now. I just gotta be on the bleeding edge.

Hawaii Vacation — Day 11

We drove to Hana today. We wanted to start out around 9am, but because we had to get the car packed, it took a bit longer than we anticipated. The drive was easy we were not in a hurry, because we are going to be staying in Hana for a few nights. For those who …

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Hawaii Vacation — Day 10

Today we went on a Molokini snorkel cruise with Paragon cruises. The water was pretty rough Steve and Ginny didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. I finally mastered diving deep. I pinched my nose and blew out when going down. I can now go down as far as 15 feet without my ears …

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Hawaii Vacation — Day 9

We went into Lahina today Ginny wanted to go to church at Holy Innocents of Maui. Steve and I wandered around town a bit until she was done. We did some GeoCaching and found two virtual caches. For lunch we wanted to find a place called Mala Tavern we knew the address, and figured it …

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Hawaii Vacation — Day 8

We went snorkeling at Olowalu today. It’s a nice area with a lot of coral heads and deep trenches between the heads. We started out at a reasonable time, but because of a series of errors, we ended up getting a pretty late start. We got out to the snorkeling spot and found a good …

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