Now I’m a ‘Pod’ people

Yes, it’s true. I’m officially an IPODder.

For reasons I won’t go into, my good friend Steve gave Ginny and I a $500 gift card to ABT Electronics (he’s a VERY good friend).

Today we decided to go over to ABT to see what we could get.

Talk about a madhouse … I thought Frys was crazy, but ABT was insane.

Steve showed us some of his the kitchen appliances he’s getting for the house he’s building … and then left us to make our purchases.

After looking at various items, we decided to get the following …

  • IPOD Nano 4gb for me, including
    • Apple care 2 year warranty
    • Arm band & protective skin
  • Bluetooth headset for Ginny’s cell phone
  • Clock Radio IPOD dock for Ginny

I chose the IPOD because my current MP3 player only has 256mb of memory … and I find it quite frustrating that it runs out of space when I try to put more than a few songs on it.

I wasn’t too thrilled with the size of the nano … but with the skin it’s got enough bulk (and protection) to satisfy me.

Oh yeah … even if you’re not shopping for electronics, I do recommend at least one visit to ABT to see some of their art installations. They have a huge fish tank, a granite globe that floats on water, and this really cool piece that has marbles rolling around tracks. Ginny and I stared at it for about 10 minutes.

3 thoughts on “Now I’m a ‘Pod’ people

  1. ginny

    And what was it you came home with today? Ah, yes, the little gadget for listening to your iPod on your car FM radio.

    Which means we have 3 of those doohickeys, because we’ve never gotten around to selling the first one I got that ended up being too hard to juggle with whilst driving.

    And of course, we both really like the clock radio thing, because it turned out to have extremely good sound quality. We’ll probably listen to it tonight in “sleep” mode.

    Do not fall asleeeeep! You’ll become an iPod people toooooooo!


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