WordPress XML-RPC error

I’ve encountered a weird error in WordPress … for some reason, when a post is submitted using the XML-RPC api (which is used by the WordPress iPhone app), any leading ‘<‘ symbols on the HTML is being stripped out.

Ginny noticed this a few days ago and I just confirmed it on a test blog.

The content that is posted looks something like this …

p>a href="http://beta.geekyramblings.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/p-
640-480-2fd9116d-5703-4e8b-b72c-2605beab02b5.jpeg">img src="http://
--5703-4e8b-b72c-2605beab02b5.jpeg" alt="" width="225" height="300"
class="alignnone size-full wp-image-364" />/a>/p>

I’ll have to do some digging to find if this has already been logged or not.

I wish I was more skilled at PHP … I’m sure it’s someething I could sink my teeth into.

Update: FWIW I’ve opened ticket 7771 on the WordPress tracking system on this issue.

6 thoughts on “WordPress XML-RPC error

  1. Kimberly

    I encountered this problem with WordPress when publishing from Windows Live Writer.

    I managed to track down an updated libxml2 was the cause. On my Fedora 9 box libxml2-2.6.32-1.fc9 everything works fine. But if I upgrade to libxml2-2.7.1-1.fc9 the angle brackets get stripped out.

  2. ginny

    So has there been any update on the open ticket? I’ve been holding off on using my iPhone to moblog because it’s such a pain going back in and fixing all the missing brackets…

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  4. Nickas

    I have exactly the same problem. Hosting providers is unable to find out the exact solution to fix it. Maybe you was able to do that?

  5. Bron

    Hey I ahd the same problem. And apparently it turned out that the server did not have some libraries installed. Now it is fixed – xmlrpc posting works just fine. That is my conversation with support – maybe helpful:

    Client Posted: 13/11/2008 15:19

    I discovered a problem with posting to blogging platforms installed on your server. I tried installing b2revolution, wordpress and nucleon – all available on fantastico. I need to post to it using external blog editor. I tried in each case Windows Live Writer, Word 2007, Qumana and others. What happens is that software strips off all angle brackets from html code being sent along with posts. It happens regardless of which program, computer or blog platform I am using. I also checked using different charsets (UTF-8, ISO 8859). In each case for a string content sent to blogs they gave a “print” pcontent/p on the page etc. They have also common problems with linking files on my account with $ variable – it seem not to work. I looked up online help of wordpress and found nothing apart from small amount of unresolved tickets of people who have the same. What more by accident I discovered that users of other platforms reported similar problems. In each case it had sth to do with a cpanel server strangely. I don’t know – maybe it is the set of scripts, maybe something else. But does not look like being caused by blog platforms more like the host. Can you help me out with this?

    Is there something like xmlrpc library somewhere on the server, which is referred by blogs? Was it updated recently? Or maybe the opposite it wasn’t for a while?

    By the way can you send me the path under which I can find imagemagick libs – they don’t seem to exist in default locations. Most gallery software on cpanel needs them to run properly.

    I like 2iphost so far but it seems not work in a way faultless enough to allow users enjoy all the features.



    Client Posted: 14/11/2008 04:21
    I found some highlight on this issue:



    2ip Support
    Staff Posted: 14/11/2008 15:11
    Hello Sir,
    Thank you for your feedback and insights. I don’t think we can support these external blog editors. You may need to make the posts from within the blog admin application sir.

    As for ImageMagick, they are installed on the standard location, for example convert is located at /usr/bin/convert

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,
    2ip Support

    Client Posted: 15/11/2008 06:16
    I don’t ask you to provide support for a product of origin different than your hosting company. What I ask you, is to provide support for basic server functionality. What is the reason to restrict support for xmlrpc posting? If it is a policy, then I don’t understand it. The answer that you simply do not support it is highly unsatisfactory for me. Please fix it or place clear information that services on your server have certain restrictions.

    It is the very basic functionality to be able to post using external software.

    With kind regards,

    2ip Support
    Staff Posted: 16/11/2008 21:16
    Hello Sir,
    XMLRPC was not built in our standard server configuration. I will add the module specially for you today. I am closing this ticket now. It should be available for you to use by the end of the day.

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,
    2ip Support

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