Ti Amo — Hoffman Estates

We had dinner at the new Ti Amo restaurant, in Hoffman Estates, tonight.

It took the place of Babaluci, which we liked a lot. We were very disappointed when we saw they had closed.

Unfortunately, I was not especially impressed with the replacement.

I ordered Gnocchi with a side dish of Pasta Fagioul soup.

The soup was kind of bland, and looked like someone had used a stick blender to mix it up. There was almost no pasta in it.

The Gnocchi was mushy, with bland-tasting sauce. When I ordered the same dish at Babaluci, the Gnocchi had nice texture and the sauce was chunky, with nice pieces of tomato.

Ginny had a duck & pasta dish with a minestrone soup. Her soup also looked like it had been mixed with a stick blender. The duck was a bit gamier than she was expecting, and the noodles were too wide to be eaten easily.

The atmosphere, while OK, wasn’t anything to write home about. We liked the homey feel that Babaluci had. Of course, we were fairly regular and were always greeted warmly.

I noticed a distinct lack of seafood dishes on the menu..which is a big disappointment for me.

Price wise they seem to be a bit higher than I would expect, but not overly so. Ginny and I spent about $40 for dinner with tea to drink.

Ti Amo is probably worth another shot, but we’ll wait a few months for them to find their legs.

6 thoughts on “Ti Amo — Hoffman Estates

  1. lisa

    I don’t think I’ll be going back. We ordered an appetizer that was SUPPOSED to be fresh mozzerella and proscuitto. The proscuitto was way to thick and didn’t taste like any Italian cured ham I’ve ever tried. I cook with fresh mozz all the time and they couln’t fool me.

    The soup had no flavor at all and my salad was about 7 whole leaves of limpy greens

    The Lobster ravioli was good but my boyfrinds veal saltimboca was tough and had the same awfull prosciutto on it with an over powering rosemary sauce.

    The wine list could use some work too. The stuff they have by the glass is not impressive for a person who knows even a little bit about wine.

    The decore? There is nothing on the floor to ceiling windows at all. Italian restaurants are known for the kind of old gangster I-dont-want-to-be-seen feel. There wasnt any Italian touch. There was a car out side that left there lights shining on us for about 5 minutes.

    Our server was very sweet. That was the nicest thing about our expierience. The gentleman at the door looked crabby and never cracked a smile. Owner perhaps?

    Im sorry to say we were this dissapointed. I recomend Olive Garden over this any day.

  2. Sally

    We dined at Tiamo the other night and it was fantastic. There are plenty of Italian spots everywhere so the food better be good to compete. We were very impressed. Chicken Marsala, very tasty. The desserts were wonderful. Nice ambiance as well. We would highly recommend this spot.

  3. Jean

    Ordered to go pasta dinners. When I was given my receipt to sign notice there were two of them. One for the correct charges and the other an error of $50.00. I said what is that? He said an error that he already corrected. As of today, still on my account as a deduction. Now I have to take time out to call and have this corrected. They were not that busy to have made this kind of error. Not good for trying to get established. Hopefully, they will not give me grief. Who needs this with ordering a simple carry out/

  4. elaine stenzel

    went there for lunch, had appetizers,they were fantastic. I grew up in Chicgo in Little Italy area,so I know what great Italian food is,this place is great,can’t wait to go back.They also make a perfect Martini. Excellent. Really Enjoyed

  5. elaine stenzel

    A while back,we went for appetizers,thought they were great,but I just came back from Ti Amo, it was terrible,dozen clams if not 11 arribiatta is a apicy sauce heavily seasoned ,nothte dry bland pab you offer.the veal picante. 3 large slices of dry over cooked shingles was tasteless and unedible.the entertainment was a joke,a guy trying to sing like Frankie ,with hat tilted like his used to be.a true experience if I have to say,will never,never return.when I received the bill I was astonished 89.00 and for what,a very bad meal.

  6. elaine stenzel

    sorry we order dozen clams they gave us 11,watch your bill .when you go there.I think they know that this restaurant is nearing the end. I sure hope so.


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