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I’m getting really confused by my bank (Chase) … when presented with a customer who has been with them for a number of decades (through 2 or 3 incarnations), and who WANTS to keep an account open with them … they won’t waive a $200 fee.

Ginny and I are in the process of refinancing our mortgage … but we would like to keep our home equity line of credit account open with Chase.

Unfortunately, they won’t waive the $200 ‘subordination’ fee.   I talked to the customer service person about it … and a manager.   The only way they would waive the fee is if I refinanced my mortgage through Chase.   Doesn’t mater that we have 2 checking accounts, a savings account, and 2 credit cards with them.

As I don’t think I’ll be able to get them to bend on the fee (and I’m not willing to fight about it anymore), I’ll just close the account and re-open a home equity line of credit later (probably at a different bank).

Good job Chase … you lost a customer account.

3 thoughts on “Chase Bank Fees

  1. Gerald Hook

    I am in about the same place with U.S. Bank, only the fee is $250. This is May, 2009. I’m sure that it wasn’t like this two years ago.

  2. Janine

    Be careful closing your Home Equity Line of Credit with your bank. Most banks charge a substantial fee to do this! I was told my subordination fee would be $100.00 (back in May) and after I closed in June it jumped to $250 at the closing!

  3. david

    Most banks charge a substantial fee to do this!

    Probably if you close it early. Mine was already past the ‘early’ time. The only fees I got charged was a $50 lien release fee (for filing with the state) and a $30 ‘fax’ fee for the documents (a rip off in itself).


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