Upgrades Complete – I’m Worried

I just completed the 2nd of two upgrades of my Linux systems to Fedora 10.

I’m very worried.

What’s got me worried?   Both upgrades when relatively smoothly.

In the past my upgrades have been fraught with trouble … failing hard drives, failing DSL modems, misbehaving hardware, etc.

This time the upgrades when pretty well.   A few small, minor glitches, but otherwise … no problems.

Yesterday, I upgraded gondor … after making sure I had a current backup, I started the upgrade from DVD.

The system upgraded smoothly and rebooted … the boot process had a few glitches but the system came back up.

The most worrisome thing about this upgrade was the fact that 3 shared libraries were not installed.   “libnspr4.so”, “libplc4.so”,   and “libplds4.so”.   Luckily I was able to copy them from another Fedora 10 system I have and things work working OK.   If I hadn’t had another copy of Fedora handy, I’m not sure what I would have done … as some of those libraries are required to run yum.   In retrospect, I could probably have gotten them off the Fedora 10 DVD.

After I was able to get yum to run (hah, I rhymed), I ran the yum update … everything to updated to the latest & greatest … another reboot at things were running well.

Total upgrade time: around 6 hours.

Today, bolstered by my success upgrading gondor, I decided to upgrade rivendell also.   This system is more critical, as it’s the primary server.   Again I checked that the nightly backup had run.

This upgrade process went smoothly too … after the upgrade was complete I checked for those shared libraries and, yes, they were missing.   I copied them over again and started the yum update process.

This upgrade had a few more glitches … as some of my milters needed to be recompiled.   Luckily I keep the latest source for just about everything I build from scratch around.

Some of the perl modules were not upgraded either … but they were easy to reinstall after they were identified.

Total upgrade time: 5 hours.

So right now I’m just worried about what’s going to go wrong.   I know something is going to happen … it’s just not like Mr. Murphy to let me get off scott free.

One thought on “Upgrades Complete – I’m Worried

  1. Chuck Lewis

    What the heck with it not installing those libraries ? Or better yet, getting rid of them and then doing that ?


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