iPhone Complaint

Well, not so much a complaint about the iPhone … more a complaint about the manufacturers of iPhone accessories.

Specifically … I really wish they would design accessories that are supposed to hold and/or dock the iPhone so they are adjustable enough to accommodate a sleeve or case that the iPhone might be in.

All the docks I’ve seen assume the iPhone is not going to be in a protective case or sleeve … and, if they are enclosed in a protective case or sleeve, the iPhone doesn’t fit very well.

For example:

  1. The clock radio that we bought for Ginny this weekend … it has dock adapters for a number of  iPod & iPhone’s … but none of them work if the phone is in the silicon sleeve that Ginny likes to keep her phone in.
  2. I was just looking at the TomTom GPS software for iPhone .  The window bracket looks quite solid … but I doubt my iPhone would fit in it with the hard shell I keep mine in.

So … accessory makers … how about adjusting your products to accommodate 3rd party cases?

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