Positive Customer Service

Yes, it happens occasionally.

Once again it was with Comcast.

Well, at least partially.  This was a good recovery from a potentially bad experience.

Two weeks ago the picture on our cable was getting very pixelated … my first thought was that the TiVo was going bad, so I tried connecting the TV directly to the cable (using the digital tuner) and still saw the problem.

So I called Comcast customer service and scheduled a service call.  This was on Monday and the earliest service appointment they had was on Wednesday.  OK, we could live with crummy TV for a few days.

Tuesday we got an automated call from Comcast telling us that they had found a problem in our service and corrected it … and our service call had been canceled.  If we were still experiencing the problem, we should press “1” to be connected to customer service.

I checked the TV and, what do you know, it was working fine.  No pixelation.  Cool.  I didn’t have to leave work early on Wednesday to be here for the service call.

On Wednesday we got the same call.

On Friday we got the call again.

On Monday (yesterday) we got the call once again.

This time I pressed “1” and talked to a customer service rep … this is where the customer service got good.

I explained the situation and how we were still getting the notification calls and the rep (who’s name I unfortunately don’t remember) responded “Oh wow, that’s weird”.

What’s so amazing about his response … he responded like a real human being, not a script reading drone.

He asked for a few bits of information and then responded: “OK, I see why you were getting the calls, you shouldn’t get them anymore.  If you get any more, call customer service and we’ll look into it further”.  He asked if there was anything further he could do for me and thanked me for doing business with Comcast.

I like talking to human beings.

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