Verizon iPhone

Lots of people are clamoring about the fact that Verizon is going to offer the iPhone.

There are a lot of good reasons to get an iPhone from Verizon … better network, better packages, tethering, etc.

One significant reason NOT to get the Verizon iPhone is: It doesn’t work in the UK and Europe.

The UK and Europe use the GSM system for cell phones … and the Verizon iPhone doesn’t support that.   It uses CDMA.

I know from personal experience that the AT&T iPhone does work fine in the UK (although it’s pricey).

I’ve also seen comments mentioning that the CDMA can’t handle data connections at the same time as voice connections.

So if you travel to the UK or Europe much, think twice about getting the Verizon iPhone.

I did see a rumor that Apple is going to offer a “World phone” that will, theoretically, have CDMA and GSM capabilities.

We still have a number of months left on our AT&T contract … so I’m going to hold off on jumping over to Verizon.   Ginny & I travel a fair amount and really like the UK & Europe.

One thought on “Verizon iPhone

  1. Don Rima

    David, I’ll be going to the iPhone as soon as it’s offered. I’ve been using the Palm Pre since last year on VZ. I’ve been historically a long term and generally happy Palm users until I got into the Pre. The induction charging methods just suck at time and the absolute lack of application depth of needed apps is just incredibly annoying.

    I LIKE Palm o/s but the vendors who’s apps I need have told me they’re not even considering Palm as an app base…so, the lack of apps is forcing this move. If they’re not promoting it any better than they are, I have to wonder why HP actually bought Palm!


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