I recently signed up with a new VOIP service for my home phone.

I’m using VOIPo … so far I’m really impressed.

The call quality is great, it’s got a lot of nice features, and the rates can’t be beat.   For a 2 year contract, the price is only $7.50 / month with free hardware & setup.

I’m going to give it a few more days before I start the process of porting my 2nd phone number from Vonage to VOIPo.

One of the really nice features about VOIPo is that you can configure it to ‘spoof’ another phone number when you dial out.   For security purposes they verify that you actually   control the other phone number (they call and ask you to enter a specific verification code).   So when I call out using the VOIPo line, it looks like I’m calling from my home number.

VOIPo has all the standard features you would expect … caller id, call waiting, voice-mail, etc.   It also has telemarketer block, emailed voice-mail.

The hardware is pretty nice … it’s a very small appliance.   It has two phone jacks, so two people can be using calling out at the same time.

There are also some soft-phone capabilities that I haven’t explored yet.

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  1. mtjake

    I just signed up for VOIPo as well. I do not see in the vPanel how you “spoof” the outgoing caller ID number. We are trying out VOIPo with a temp number before we decide to port our existing number over. So this would be helpful until we actually port our number. How do you do this? Thanks.


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