Tour de Cure 2014!

tourdecureWell, it’s that time again.

The 2013 Tour de Cure is over and was an unqualified success.

Time to start thinking about the 2014 Tour de Cure.

I’m setting my goals pretty much the same as they were last year … I’m going to ride a metric century (100 km / 62 miles) and raise at least $5000.

To sponsor me, please visit my tour page “Ride With David“.

Once again I’m taking on the mantel of captain of Team RED.  For the 2013 ride we raised, as a team, $50,000 and recruited 90 riders.  For 2014 we’re shooting for 120 riders and $60,000.

One thought on “Tour de Cure 2014!

  1. Mitch Gibbs

    I don’t know if it was an “unqualified” success. You didn’t win the race, did you? Sure, you keep saying that it isn’t a race – but isn’t that what someone who loses a race would say? I can just imagine the guy in the runner up jersey at the Tour de France saying “It was for a good cause, I was just keeping “‘roid rage” Armstrong company.” 😉


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