I fell off my trainer

I’m probably one of the few people who can honestly claim that they fell off a bike trainer.

Keep in mind that, when riding on a bike trainer, the bike is locked in place on the trainer and it can’t move.

Nonetheless, I managed to fall off my trainer. Well, more like catapulted off.

This happened quite a while ago … I was using the Zwift training software with my Kinetic Road Machine dumb trainer (not dumb as in bad, just not a smart trainer).

I was doing one of the new structured workouts in Zwift … and part of this workout called for me to pedal at 400 watts for 10 seconds.

Since the trainer I was using couldn’t generate any resistance on demand, I had to pedal harder to generate the 400 watts. To do this I had to stand up in the pedals and REALLY crank hard.

When I did this, my right shoe unclipped from the pedal. I happened to be in mid-stroke of pedaling and basically jumped off the bike and to the side.

Luckily there was nothing on the floor next to me and I just landed there in a heap. Nothing injured except my pride.

Before you ask, no, there are no pictures.

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